Hello, I'm Ben Torvaney. I am a data scientist based in London, UK.

You can find links to some of my public work and projects below.


Football (soccer) projects

Stats and Snakeoil

A soccer analytics blog.

xG interactive

An interactive demonstration of 'Expected Goals' in football.

Soccer event logger

Collect your own soccer event-data. (Note: works best on Chrome.)


An R package for match outcome and team-strength modelling.


An R package for plot soccer event data in R/ggplot2.

Nebra Shot Maps

Matching shot maps to constellations


CEEFAX, but with xG.

FPL optimiser bot

A twitter bot posting the best possible Fantasy Premier League lineup each week. (Note: no longer posting)

Other projects

Flow solver

Solving the 'Flow Free' puzzle game with SAT and Clojure.

How to pick a number from 1-10

How can we generate uniform random numbers from human suggestions?

The Duck Debugger

Stuck on a problem? Talk to the duck!

Chaos game

Explore interesting patterns arising from some simple rules

Terminal Snake

Play snake in the terminal! A Haskell project

Messenger and army puzzle

Explore a popular puzzle the intuitive way.

Wolf and Hare

A 2-player game in which the starting player can only win if the opponent makes a mistake.

Human language model

Test your language model on a given text corpus.

T9 keyboard: optimised

Can we improve the layout of the T9 keyboard with ~algorithms~?